When your Airship form is ready to be placed onto your website, you will be given a document detailing information about your form, a preview and your forms unique integration code. This code is what we will be using in this tutorial and will look something like this:

<div id="airship_signup_form"></div>

<script src="//"></script>

Check out our handy how to video below or keep scrolling for the step by step guide!

Preparing Your Website

To begin, find a place on your website that you wish to place the form. This can be on a sign up page specific page, your home page, or anywhere you see fit. Next, open your WordPress editor by selecting “Edit Page”.

Once selected, go to the area you wish to place the form. In my case, I want to place it just here:

Creating a Code Block

Now you know where you are placing your form, you will need to choose a new block. As we are inserting code, we need to select a “Custom HTML” block. To do this, click the “+” button to add a new block, or if there is no “+” button, click on the block above, then click the three dots and select either “Insert After” or “Insert Before”, depending on where you wish the form to be placed.

Now we can place our HTML block. Click the block you wish the form to be in, and select “Custom HTML”. If you do not see it immediately, simply search for it in the search bar.

Now you have your HTML code block. You can paste in your integration code, supplied to you in your documentation. To check this works, you can click “Preview”.

Finishing Up

If everything is set up correctly, this will now display a preview of your form. All there is to do now, is to click update in the top right corner of your page, and your form is ready for your customers to sign up to.

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