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Email Stats Explained
Email Stats Explained

There's lots of different ways to see how your emails are performing, here's a breakdown of your options.

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Understanding the Airship Dashboard

The Airship dashboard can provide an overview of the basic stats from your most recent email campaigns. These stats are only updated every 24 hours so if you want to see more recent or more in depth stats you can head to the reporting dashboard.

A closer look..

Click rate
Click are when someone clicks on a link from within your email.

Emails opened
Emails opened are when someone has opened up your email.

Email to visit conversion rate

This tracks emails sent out over a monthly period. Anyone who clicks on a link in that email and visits one of your venues and interacts with a partnered integration over a 2 month period will be counted as a conversion. This can be used to get an idea of how your emails are directly sending customers through your doors.

How to easily view sent emails

To view how individual emails are doing that you have sent from your account, you can do this by heading to Send > Email > Sent Emails

Here you can filter your emails down to find a specific email by date.

Doing this gives you the opportunity to see how individual emails are performing.
When clicking into categories such as, 'reads' a list of contacts that have read this email will be displayed.

You can even see how many people have clicked on your individual links to see which ones are gaining the most traction.

Downloading a report

To look at any of your email campaigns in more detail you can use our reporting dashboard, click on Reports > Campaign > Email Broadcast Report. Here you can filter your report by type of email, subject line, split sends and much more. You can find out more about the reporting dashboard here.

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