Integrating MCR Loyalty with Airship will allow us to consume all contact data from a contact when they register.

Getting started

In order to setup the MCR integration, you will need to provide MCR with the following;

  • Airship Personal Access Token (Read + Write)

  • Airship Account ID

  • Airship unit IDs

Creating an API token

You'll need to create an API "Personal Access Token" for MCR to pass data into your account securely. To do this. you can either;

A) Invite your MCR account manager as a user to your Airship account and let them do this themselves, or;

B) You can do this on their behalf and pass the token on to them securely.

To create an API Personal Access Token, follow our guide here >

Airship Account ID

MCR will also require your Airship Account ID. If you're not sure what this is, please request it from our Customer Success team.

Airship Unit IDs

Support Wizard will also require your Airship Unit IDs. If you're not sure what these are, please request it from our Customer Success team.

What data is sent to Airship?

  • First name

  • last name

  • DoB

  • Email address

  • Email opt-in

  • Membership number

  • Homestore (UDF)

MCR will be sending a UID (which is the same ID as the membership number) alongside the contact profile. This ensures that if the email address is changed in the loyalty platform, Airships 'contact merge' process is ignored and the email address associated to the loyalty card will be updated (opposed to a new contact creating).

View your data in Airship

Contacts are sorted into Folders & Groups against the head office account. The contacts who signed up will be found in group called 'MCR'.

This data is not a source of PoP, and we don't get customer Earn and Burn from MCR.

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