Working with groups and folders

Learn how to keep your data organised using Groups and Folders.

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Airship organises the data on your account in Groups and Folders. This allows you to create a collection of customers based on their interests or their source, for example, you might have a group called “Web Sign Ups” which is where you would collect customers that have signed up to your Airship database via your website.

Groups and Folders can be targeted using the search tools in Airship when you broadcast email or SMS marketing campaigns.

You may wish to create your own groups or folders, depending on specific campaign needs.

How to create groups and folders

From the Sidebar, choose Audience > Folders & Groups

Click the + Group button at the top of the page.

In the pop-up that appears, select a Folder to create the group under:

Folders are unique to your Units, you can create multiple groups across your Units or a single group in a single Unit.

Select the folders to create your group within by clicking on the folder names under “Select Folders” heading, in the example below the group would be created on the Bedford and London units:

Enter a name for the group and click Create Group.

Updating folders and groups

Once groups and folders are created, you can still manipulate and update them. You’ll see various actions that you can take at the top of the page.

Update folder and group names

Use the Update Folder Name or Update Group Name buttons to change the names of Folders and Groups, respectively.

Move contacts to another group

Use the Move Contacts button to move all contacts in a group to another group. Simply select the group you wish to transfer from and the group to wish to transfer to:

Move a group to folder

To reorganise your groups, you can move them into different folders after they are created. Use the Assign Group button to move a group to another folder.

Delete a group or folder

To delete a group or a folder, click the Settings icon for the relevant group or folder.

Then select the option to delete the group or folder.

Note that if you don’t see an option to delete a folder, it is because there are still groups inside it; you will need to delete or move the groups outside the folder before it can be deleted.

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