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Why do we not issue unique codes directly into emails?
Why do we not issue unique codes directly into emails?

Ever wondered why we don’t stick unique codes directly into the body of your email?

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It may seem more simple to just stick your unique codes straight into the body of your email meaning the recipient just has to flash the code when ready, but, there are actually a number of reasons why we don’t do this. Allow us to talk you through them. 

Measurable results

This is the biggie. If you include the actual unique code in an email, it means assigning everyone a code, regardless if they ever open an email. A click to get the code shows intent to use and allows you to gauge how many customers might actually want to come and take advantage of the offer. You can also use this to retarget those who have clicked to be assigned a code, but not yet redeemed it or those who haven’t read the email at all. 

It’s cost-effective

Often our clients get charged per unique code generated by their providers, so we haven't built the platform to work in this way.

Stops abuse 

Although not completely, it deters people from abusing the code as we’ll be able to see if their contact has had a code assigned and redeemed, and when they used it. If they click to try and get a code on a second occasion, they’ll be presented with the ‘code expired’ screen. 

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