Airship will have supplied you with a code that looks something like the below:


This code automatically merges in the customer’s email address and the venue they are assigned to when your campaign email is sent. This assigns the customer their unique code and allows us to identify who has used their code. 

Testing the URL

  • Head to Send > Email > Simple Search > Narrow search by personal details and add your own email address into the email field (remember you must be on the database for this to work).

  • Count the results to make sure the number is what you’re expecting (1) and hit Next.

  • Load up the email you want to include the unique code in and add the link to the call to action button within your email.

  • Send the email to yourself and then click on the link in the email, follow the steps and redeem your code. 

What to look out for:

  • Make sure there are no pre-existing details in the link, for example:


  • Make sure you’ve been added to the correct group on your database. Head to Contacts > Folders and groups to check this.

Send your email

  • Once you’ve tested the process from end to end and are happy with the result you can send your email or set this up as an automated email. See the below articles on how to do this. 

How to set up a welcome email
How to set up a birthday email
How to send an email

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