You have loads of great location-specific content that you want to tell your customers about, here’s how you tailor your emails based on the location of your guests. 

  • From the left-hand side menu click Send > Email > Advanced Search. You will be taken to this page:

  • Select the units you’d like to target

  • Select “Postcode” from the left-hand drop-down list

  • Select “Like” from the right-hand drop-down list

  • Add the postcode you’d like to target, for example, “S1%” adding the % symbol allows you to target all postcodes with the first two digits. Then click “Add”.

Targeting postcode areas

You can add multiple postcodes by using the “Or” function as shown below:

You can then add as many postcodes as you like, for example, you could target anyone who has a Sheffield postcode by adding something like the below:

Count results

To see how many customers your search will target simply click on the “Count Results” button at the bottom of the page. 

  • Once you’re happy with your search, don’t forget to save it so that you can use it again for future broadcasts. 

  • The saved search feature is dynamic so this will automatically update as new people are added to your database.

Click next to move on to the email builder and don’t forget to split test! To find out more about split testing click here.

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