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How to make the most of your PoP Segments
How to make the most of your PoP Segments
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First things first, if you don’t currently have PoP segments turned on you can get in touch with us on to add these to your account. Find out more about what you’ll need to consider here.

How can PoP Segments help you?

So, a quick overview... We collect digital interactions from your customers to show when and where they visited your venues, we call this proof of presence, or PoP for short! The more digital platforms you use the more PoPs you will have access to, e.g bookings, wifi, feedback, unique codes etc.

We then use this information to categorise your customers into segments based on how often they visit your venues. This means that you can treat your new customers differently to those that visit you on a regular basis.

You can create triggered emails to communicate with your PoP segments, these should be designed to drive repeat visits and ensure your customers don’t turn into lapsed customers.

Content ideas for your PoP emails

Communicate with your Gold and Platinum guests to give them your most exciting info first. These are your most loyal customers, they should be treated like royalty!

You could offer pre-booking to your platinum guests for any upcoming events or your busier sessions. Treat them like VIPs!

Encourage your prospect and bronze guests into your venues by offering them a time sensitive incentive. You can use Airships unique code mechanic to keep a track of these offers so you can reward the customers that use them.

Planning your PoP journeys

You need to think carefully about how your PoP journey will work, remember the ideal customer will be driven through the funnel to ultimately become a Platinum guest. This means that a customer could get multiple emails from you along this journey so make sure they’re engaging and appropriate for the level of customer they are.

We’ve put together the below example of some of the content you could include in your journey.

The most important thing to remember is the more PoPs you have the more accurate your PoP segments will be, if you’d like to chat about switching on any of your integrations just get in touch!

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