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How to create API access tokens
How to create API access tokens

If you are a developer or need to allow a developer access to the Airship REST API for an account, here's how to create an access token.

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Airship has a fully featured REST API which allows developers to pass data in and out of Airship and extend our functionality for custom projects.

If you're a developer, you can access our developer guide at:

Generating a Personal Access Token

Personal Access Tokens for the REST API can be created within the Airship dashboard.

1 - Login to your Airship account and visit Users > Personal Access Tokens

If you don't see this option in your navigation menu, it means this feature isn't yet enabled on your account. Please contact to have this feature enabled.

2 - Click through to access the token manager interface. Your user role will also need to have been granted permissions to access this facility, so if you can't access this facility, your role permissions will need adding by your account administrator.

3 - Click the Create token button to create a new token.

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4 - Choose whether to allow read and/or write access and give the token a descriptive name so you know what the purpose of this token was in case you need to revoke it later.

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5 - Your new token will be shown on the screen. Make sure you take a copy of this now (there is a copy to clipboard button to make this easy).

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6 - You're done! Make sure you keep this token secure.

Revoking access

If you need to revoke access for a previously created token, navigate back to the Personal Access Tokens interface and click on the revoke option next to the token you wish to disable.

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Once you're sure you're happy to remove all access to applications using this token, click to confirm to Revoke this token.

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