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How to set up the Spotipo connector to Airship
How to set up the Spotipo connector to Airship

How to automatically send data from your Spotipo platform to Airship

Written by Anthony Moore
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Switching on the Spotipo x Airship connector means that each time a customer is detected on your WIFI, the customer data will be automatically sent to your Airship database.

This integration is in near real time, so contacts will be available to market to as soon as they have connected / signed up.

Getting Started

In order to setup the Spotipo WIFI integration, you will need the following details from Airship;

  • Airship Personal Access Token (Read + Write)

  • Airship Account ID

Creating an API token

You'll need to create an API "Personal Access Token" for Spotipo to pass data into your account securely. To do this. you can either;

A) Invite your Spotipo account manager as a user to your Airship account and let them do this themselves, or;

B) You can do this on their behalf and pass the token on to them securely.

To create an API Personal Access Token, follow our guide here >

Airship Account ID

Spotipo will also require your Airship Account ID. If you're not sure what this is, please request it from our Customer Success team.

Spotipo Configuration

Within the Spotipo platform, you will need to configure;

  • Airship API token and account ID

  • Unit mappings (Required)

  • Dynamic Fields mapping (optional)

  • Group name per unit (required)

Within Spotipo

  • Go to the location you want to configure data export for by clicking on the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
    Once in the location, go to Settings->Integrations and Click Connect

  • Click Connect

  • Enter your API token and account ID

  • Click Connect to Airship

  • Map the Spotipo account to the desired Unit ID within Airship

Advanced Configurations

It is also possible to set some more options within Spotipo to enhance you customer profile within Airship.

  • Whether to export all Guests or only consented Guests to Airship

  • Whether to push a guest only the first time or every time he/she connects

  • What Groups are to be associated with a Guest (this is the group they will appear in Airship for that unit)

Optional Dynamic Fields mapping

You can optionally configure to map additional data collected in Spotipo into User Defined Fields in Airship. head over to the FIELD MAPPING tab to configure it.

For more information on how to set these up, please see Spotipos support guide - Connect Spotipo to your Airship Account | Spotipo Help Center: or contact your Spotipo account manager.

What data is sent to Airship?

  • First name

  • last name

  • Email address

  • Email opt-in

  • SMS opt-in

  • WIFI

    • Connection date

    • Hopspot name

    • MAC Address

    • Device mime type

    • Connection Type (detected / authenticated / connected / unknown)

    • Connected unit

PoP is also created for the `WIFI Connection date` when a contact is received.

Spotipo also allow you to map Airship Dynamic Fields within their platform, meaning if they can put data into any existing Dynamic Fields on your account. i.e. If you want to capture a contacts 'Favourite Drink' - once the Dynamic Fields has been added to Airship, it can be mapped within the Spotipo setup & if the customer provides that information when signing up to WIFI - it will be sent to Airship.

If you require any Dynamic Fields setting up as part of the integration, please let a member of our CS team know and they will get it added to your Airship account.

View your data in Airship

Contacts are sorted into Folders & Groups against the visited venue. The group name is defined in Spotipo - and can be configured per venue.

From here, you can select your contacts - view all profile details against them.

Additional Notes

Speedster and Focus WIFI are resuppliers for Spotipos platform. The setup steps for these partners will be the same process

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