Airship SLA's

Find out how long it takes our team to process your requests.

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Sometimes you might need our team to create or switch something on for you, to help you plan this work we try to stick as closely to these SLA's as possible. There might be the occasion where things will take a little longer (particularly around busier times of the year). Get in touch with us on for any queries.

Airship Rewards

Typical SLA

Unique code mechanic

3-5 days


Typical SLA

New template

5 days


Typical SLA

New integration switch on (Partner bridge)

5 days

New integration switch on (our bridge)

5 days

Setup of a new unit (including form, integrations etc)

2 weeks


Typical SLA

Data exports

3 - 4 days

Bespoke reporting

5 - 7 days (depending on the complexity)

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