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Setting up your branded domain for email
Setting up your branded domain for email

This article will help you configure your DNS records to allow Airship to complete your account for email sending.

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Why do you need a branded domain?

Creating a branded Domain allows Airship to send emails on behalf of your organisation, It helps to ensure your emails get the best possible delivery and keeps all of your branding consistent alongside your website & any other web presence you may have.

So how do you do this?

First you need to choose your branded domain....

Choosing your branded domain

This always needs to be a subdomain on your existing domain, in layman's terms this means you need to choose a word to sit in front of your domain, there are some examples below.

  • something.[yourdomain].com




If you would like some feedback about which domain to choose, please get in touch with Airship support but you can be clever with the wording to match your brand!

Once you've chosen your domain you'll need to assign the DNS records to this domain.

What are DNS records?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Setting up DNS Records allows Airship to send emails from our platform for your business. Depending on your registrar, it can be fairly technical so it may be best to pass this task onto your IT support team!

How do you know which records to set up?

Login to your Airship account & head to settings > branded domain. On this page you need to enter your chosen domain (like below) this will then show you all of the records you'll need to set up.

How to set up your DNS records.

1. Log into the administrative console for your Domain Name (ie. 1&1, GoDaddy).

2. Locate the page which allows the domain's DNS records to be updated. In some cases, this is hidden behind an “advanced settings” section, then add the A, CNAME and TXT records.

3. Once the records have been set up correctly you’ll see these showing as complete under settings > branded domain with your Airship account.

Important note - when you add the branded domain to your Airship account, you have 2 weeks to set up the DNS records. After 2 weeks, the domain resets which will just mean that some of the DNS values will change and need setting up again.

There can sometimes be a delay in the DNS records being registered - please allow 48 hours after setting up the DNS records for these to show as complete, if they’re still pending, triple check the records have been set up correctly.

Tip! - If you’d like to check that the DNS records have been set up correctly, you can enter the branded domain within!

For any additional support, please get in touch with the team at

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