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Get your Fourth staff data into an Airship teams account
Get your Fourth staff data into an Airship teams account
Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago

Setting up the Fourth staff x Airship integration will allow all your contact data to be automatically sent to Airship daily - which will allow you to easily communicate and reward staff members for things like birthdays, a work anniversary, monthly newsletters or general ad hoc communications.

Contacts will be created, updated (with things like role changes, or if they transfer between locations) and deleted when they leave the business.


This is only available as a Booster option in Airship. See your Airship Customer Success representative for more information. Fourth also charge a one off fee of £480 for the setup of this integration.

Getting started

Getting set-up with Fourth is straight forward!

What we'll need from Fourth is:

  • API username

  • API Password

  • organisation ID

Once you have all this in place, get in touch with your Airship Customer Success contact and we'll handle the rest.

What data is sent to Airship?

When the data is processed by Airship, we will put the contacts against their Primary Venue and allocate to a group. The fields captured from the integration include;

  • Contact first name

  • Contact last name

  • Contact mobile number

  • Contact email

  • Contact DOB

  • Contact address (Street / Postcode)

  • Contact email opt in (always in for this integration)

  • Contact mobile opt in (always in for this integration)

There are also the following Dynamic Fields which will be provided for a contact;

  • Job Title

  • Start Date

  • Employee Number

  • Primary Location

  • Department

  • Termination Date*

*Note, we will set the termination date as a Dynamic Field once the contact has left, and then soft delete their record. This means you won't be able to target, or view that contact within Airship - but we will have a record in the database for when the contact was marked as a leaver.

View your data in Airship

Once the connector is enabled, you will be able to see data flowing into your Airship account, by navigating to Folders & Groups.

To access your Contact Folders in Airship, scroll down to Contacts in the main menu and select Folders & Groups.

Contacts will be stored in groups under each relevant unit/location (based on the staff members Primary Location.

The following groups will be created in Airship:

  • All contacts will be grouped based on their Job title

  • All contacts will be removed from any groups that are not their job_title (i.e. if they change roles - only the current job title will display)

  • All contacts will be grouped based on their Department

  • All contacts will be removed from any groups that are not their Department (i.e. if they change division - only the current division will display)

If you click into one of the groups, you'll see all contacts within that group and you can then drill into more details on the contact by selecting them.

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