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Working with sign up forms in Airship
Working with sign up forms in Airship

Forms. They are often the first thing a potential member of your database will see, so they’ve got to be right.

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During your activation with Airship, one of the first things we’ll do for you is supply you with the forms you need for your website.

The basics

Let’s start with the basics. Our forms start with three principles in mind:

  1. Clear, up-front and unambiguous consent wording to show the customer what they are signing up to.

  2. Easy-to-use input fields that work well on desktop and mobile.

  3. A common-sense user journey that deals with the various scenarios that a customer might encounter when joining your database.

So a customer completes the form, what happens next?

Scenario 1 - Successful completion

Most customers will breeze through the form and be presented with a 'thank and welcome' message. You'll be able to customise this message with us.

Scenario 2 - They were already on the database

If someone tries to sign up but they are already on your database, they'll get a friendly message to let them know. There will also be a link to Airship's Customer Preference Centre where they can update their details, in case that was what they were trying to do.

Scenario 3 - They missed a field

If they missed a mandatory field, they’ll get a prompt showing them what they missed.

Scenario 4 - If they didn’t opt-in

The form will stop the customer from joining if they haven’t opted in and give them the reason why. If there was a Welcome Offer the customer was trying to get, you need to give them an alternative way of receiving it without signing up. We recommend giving an email address for them to contact you directly.


Customising your form

Now it’s time to make the form your own. Here are some things that we’ll need from you.

  • Some copy for collecting consent. You'll need to provide us some text for this bit.

  • You can adapt what fields you show to match the data you want to collect. Remember, the more fields you ask for, the less sign-ups you'll get, so try to keep it to a minimum.

  • The sign up button. You can change the text for the sign up button to something that matches your tone of voice. 

  • Adapt the styling of your form to match your brand. Font styles, colours, background colour and button colour can all be changed.

Using your form

You can add your form directly onto your website using our integration code (we'll provide this so you can embed it onto your website wherever needed!).

We can also add this into a separate landing page for you so that you can link to your form via your website, social and any other channels!

If you are using Wix as your website host please let us know and we'll provide you with an iframe code instead.


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