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Best practice for your Birthday journey
Best practice for your Birthday journey

Plan out your birthday journey's to drive bookings into your venues.

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Now that you've got the basics of your account set up it's time to start thinking about utilising Airship to create effective customer journeys, here are our recommendations!

The Birthday Journey

The birthday journey is an easy-win sequence: straightforward to set up and maintain, a warm way to open dialogue with customers and very effective in generating bookings. Who doesn’t love a birthday gift?

How many emails should make up your journey?

We recommend sending 3 - 4 emails to drive your birthday message, these can be around the build-up to your customer's birthday and even afterwards as a surprise treat!

We recommend using unique codes in your Birthday journey so that you can measure the success of your journey and also exclude customers who take you up on your offer throughout the sequence.

We have a variety of unique code options available to suit you using EPOS codes, Airship codes or Toggle vouchers, Take a look at our unique code mechanic article to decide which version will be best for your brand.

What should your Birthday journey look like?

Your Birthday journey is the perfect opportunity to drive customers to visit your venues, whether you are promoting your party areas, encouraging customers to book a table on their visit or simply to drop in for a drink.

Start before the customer's birthday if you are planning to promote your party areas, this could be as far out as a couple of months to give them time to plan the party of the year!

Follow up with a birthday reward, this could be a free drink, a £10 toggle voucher to spend on their birthday or why not let the birthday person eat for free?

You can then follow up on this reward (by using our suppression tool) to those customers who haven't redeemed their voucher as their birthday approaches.

Sign up to our demo brand Joiners Kitchen where we'll send you a series of emails to show exactly what you can do with Airship to utilise your email journeys.

Check out how to set up your Birthday journey here.

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